PMIEF Student Projects

Welcome to our growing repository of projects created by students in our "Introduction to Project Management for Educators" workshop.

Title: "Who am I?"- A Spanish I blogging project

Students will use Edmodo to post and comment on blog entries.  This collaborative communication will give students an opportunity to practice writing, reading, hearing, and saying the Spanish vocabulary and grammar concepts being learned in class.  Edmodo will be used throughout the school year, but this particular project gets students started, tying together Units 1 and 2 under the driving question of “Who am I?”.  As we progress through the curriculum and students are able to say more and more in Spanish, they will add blog posts to:

  • introduce themselves

  • describe the weather at their location

  • describe themselves

  • describe a friend/family member

  • describe another person

Students will share and receive feedback and editing help from classmates in their assigned small groups.

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